ClaraClean® Go! are high performing textiles dry and already prepared with cleaning tensides. Only add water and clean. Nothing is more simple and easy than that. Just Go!

An innovative and patented conception

  • Worldwide unique and patented ready to use dry loaded cleaning solution
  • Dry loaded with fast acting ClaraClean tensides. No other detergent needed
  • Zxtremly high performance
  • Exact and precise dosage
  • Unlimited germfree storage
  • High worksafety and workprotection
  • Ecological foot print. Certified climate neutral product over the whole live cycle
  • Very easy to integrate in existing systems
  • Simple instruction and introduction with cleaning staff

For each task the correct product

  • Floorcleaning wipes in the sizes 28, 40, 60 cm
  • Floorcleaning wipes loaded blue alcaic, red acidic, green unloaded e.g. for disinfection
  • Surface cleaning wipes in the perfect size of 33 x 33 cm
  • Surface cleaning wipes loaded blue alcaic, red acidic, green unloaded e.g. for disinfection
  • 100% watersplit PET (free from Polyamide Micofibres!)
  • Remove of dust, dirt, hairs etc.Ultralight floor gliding for perfect ergonomics

The use

  • Activating only with water
  • Ways of activation:
    - with DRIZZ spraymopsystem
    - with ClaraClean Go frame set and bucket
  • Maximal surface performance
    - with DRIZZ spraymopsystem up to 80 sqm (depending on dirt)
    - with ClaraClean Go frame set and bucket 20 – 30 sqm
  • Remove ClaraClean Go wipes after use from soft pad and simply dispose


Download prospect PDF here >>>

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